Learning and Development for Managers and owners of Salons, Spas and clinics

Identifying team roles


Have you noticed that some people will  complete a job to the very end whilst other staff  come up with great ideas but can't implement them or are unable to finish the job in hand before moving on to something else. Someone else will happily implement an idea, follow a plan to its letter - just don't ask them to be creative 

A successful business will know the natural qualities of the staff and make sure that they are used to their potential also creating teams with varying skills to ensure a task. 

Halling consultancy can provide short development sessions to identify personal traits  highlighting how to put teams together to ensure the completion of tasks to maximum profitability. 

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Change management Support


Some people have difficulty adapting to change.

Halling consultancy can help to create a clear message on change and support a plan to implement change through offering a short session on why change is needed and how different people are affected. 

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Are you a motivational leader?

Do you need some support in how to mentor and manage your staff to get maximum profitability. 

Halling consultancy can provide mentoring support to help identify your preferred leadership style to maxmise work force effort.

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Stress management


Stress management - learn about how stress affects your life and how to manage it.