Motivating STAFF

Communicating with your staff

Communicating with staff

Good staff communication is essential to business success. employees need to know what's expected of them to fulfil their potential and help the business grow. 

Is your business affected because people are not in the know? 

Halling Consultancy can help design and implement a communication strategy that will ensure smooth running of the business and increased profitability.

Understanding your staff

Understanding staff

Do your staff compliment each other? 

Do you know who ensures jobs are completed?  

Who has the ideas?

It takes a variety of skills to run a business - recognising who naturally takes on the roles will enable you to task the right people for the job. 

Halling Consultancy can provide training : - the roles that teams play. Identifying the natural roles people play to bring a team together to fulfil business tasks.

Identifying your staffs skills

Intentifying staff skills

Staff are the heart of any business. Their commitment and passion for your business is essential. 

Employees who use a variety of skills and have all their skills recognised are far happier and motivated and are known to extend more effort. 

  Halling consultancy can help generate a skills register of your staff and identify where internal abilities can be resourced saving costs.


Work Culture

The culture of your business will affect staff motivation, productivity and length of service. Culture is created from the top. 

Are you aware of the culture in your business?  - do you need help to identify it or change it. 

Halling Consultancy can identify your culture and help implement any cultural changes that will support business growth.