Coaching and Mentoring



Halling Consultancy can offer support in the form of coaching or mentoring to ensure your journey to success. 

 Whether you need a critical ear or structured learning Halling Consultancy can help. 



Halling consultancy can provide mentoring support for new startups, new managers or established salon owners and managers who want to grow the business.

Mentoring can be through face to face meetings, telephone support either structured or as and when is needed. 

Don't feel you have to do it on your own; Halling Consultancy Mentoring scheme can help you when you need it. 

Smart , ambitious,  successful people have mentors - it is not a sign of weakness but strength and shows a drive to succeed. 



Coaching is performance driven and more structured than mentoring.  Sessions are determined by specific objectives and tasks set with achievements measured. 

A coach is usually used during a period of learning and development. 

Coaching sessions are held on a regular basis to ensure growth and development .

Halling consultancy can help you to identify areas for development and provide a detailed plan to support. 

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Halling recommended short reads

This is the small book with a big motivational message -- that we can all be winners with the right management techniques. In brief paragraphs and anecdotes, business guru Blanchard and NFL coach Shula offer wisdom on how to help people excel. In business and in work, the motivation should be to be a winner -- this book shows how we can all be winners with the best kind of leadership, and by creating the right kind of environment. The advice for creating the atmosphere for winners is sound and ultimately simple: "Avoid being a 'leave alone and zap' manager and use...praising more,". This book has inspired managers everywhere and is still an essential read.

Little Book of Coaching